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Kilowatt athlete guest blog - Rae

Rae racing
Kilowatt Cycle Coaching places a high priority on effective pain faces! :)

{editors note} Every now and then we ask one of our athletes to write a guest blog post. This time around it's Raelene Lesniowska - one of our foundation athletes who has kindly penned the words below. Thanks Rae!


I signed on with Kilowatt in February 2018. Kind of strange timing towards the end of the crit season, given crits are my favourite, but the opportunity arose so I seized it.

The greatest perk of being a Kilowatt athlete is having your training mapped out, and the accountability that comes with that and regular testing. Knowing your coach is monitoring your every session and that it’s all part of a bigger plan, really enhances your motivation to stick to your program.

My best moment as a Kilowatt athlete was when I felt all my training came together in a target race. It was so exhilarating feeling completely on top of my game to give a cracking performance and reap the rewards with a win.

A challenge I’ve had since signing on, was experiencing some dips in my performance over Winter. It left me questioning my ability to keep improving and keep up with my younger peers. My Kilowatt coaches helped me keep things in perspective in terms of where I was at with my form. They also adjusted my program to accommodate both my love of racing and need for rest.

The best part of being with Kilowatt is the unconditional support and encouragement. My coaches are masters at identifying the positives, even when I don’t obtain my anticipated results. They’ve helped me accept the lows, celebrate the highs and identify ways I can improve. They’ve also helped me focus on longer term goals, which I feel constantly inspired to achieve.

If you want to get the best out of your training and reach your potential, I highly recommend KWCC.

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