Our Services

Let us help you make your dreams a reality.

Start up: $150

Monthly: $280 (min 3 months)


  • Full fitness testing and induction process as outlined here

  • 4-6 week training programs delivered to your Training Peaks account as outlined here

  • Training Peaks premium athlete account where your program will be delivered and your post-workout or post-race comments / feedback can be recorded

  • Ongoing access to coaches through various channels

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Strength and Conditioning

Monthly: $50


  • Functional Movement Screening assessment to identify areas of focus

  • 8 week cycles of strength and flexibility programs based exercises delivered to your Training Peaks account

  • Comprehensive instructional materials to ensure safe, accurate completion of the workouts

Price on application


  • Bike fitting services using Cycling Australia prescribed methodologies

  • Group training sessions tailored to your club, group, event

  • Event based training programs without regular coach access

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